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Writing Challenge.

Body and Soul: An OC Challenge Community
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Community Information

Hello and welcome to bodyandsoul100!

This is a 100-challenge community, but unlike other communities, which are based on fandom work, this is based on your own original character!

Basically, all you have to do is choose from one of our theme sets and draw or write something about your character that pertains to each prompt.

Sounds easy, right?


So right now you may be wondering how you can be a part of this. It's really easy!

Step One

Go here, to choose your theme set, claim your character, and request your tag.

Step Two

After you've claimed your character and received a tag, let us know about your character in your first post to the community. We want to form a community where everyone can get to know each other's characters. ♥

If you're a writer, your first post should be a basic character profile including:

[x]Eye color
[x]A bit about their personality.

Make sure to include your character's name in the subject line!

If you're an artist, your first post should be a basic character sheet including:

[x]A colored picture of them
[x] A bit about their personality
[x]A bit about colors
[x]A bit of their personality

Step Three

Post either 100 pictures or 100 writings or a mix of both that have to do with each prompt!

[x]It can be old or new
[x]Art can be anything from a sketch to a full-blown picture
[x]Writing can be a drabble or multi-parted (But please make sure it's at least 300 words! And if it IS a multi-parter for one theme, post links to the other parts!)
[x]You don't need to post everything all at once. Individually, in groups or whatever you like is acceptable!</b>

Keep your table updated so you don't forget what you have and haven't done!

Step Four

You're done! Give yourself a pat on the back and a cookie, and post here! You'll get a nifty banner and bragging rights!

We will have separate banners for each of the sets, so do more of them to get more banners proclaiming just how awesome you are!


Art and Writing Submission:

[x]When submitting writing or art, please use this format:

Prompt Set:
Author's Notes:

[x]Then, put your picture/writing under an lj-cut or link to a different place
Don't forget to include proper warnings

Once you've joined, please try to keep up with regular posting. Don't worry if you can't post regularly. But remember, if you don't have the time to commit, there's no reason for you not to withdraw.


Question: Can I use my original character from an existing fandom, like FMA, Harry Potter or LOTR?
Answer: Unfortunately, no. We try to encourage your own creativity. Though we understand the basis for this type of OC, we would rather not have this community integrated with that of the fandom circles.
We're sorry for the inconvenience.

[x]Don't flame people. If flaming happens, a warning will be issued, and the flame will be DELETED. If it persists, more extreme measures will be taken. But seriously, you guys, be more mature than that. People put a lot of work into their art, and their writing, and it's extremely hard to get flames in return.

[x]You don't need to follow the table's order. Post however you want!

[x]Sorry, but joint projects aren't allowed.


Members are expected to know the rules and abide by them. Claiming ignorance is not something the mods will put up with.


dragonalchemist Founder and Moderator (dragon.alchemist[at]gmail.com)
penguinsanity Founder and Moderator (poisoned_honey516[at]yahoo.com)
juneprota Moderator (juneprota[at]livejournal.com)
la_pensadora Moderator (joybass15[at]hotmail.com)

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns, and we will help you to the best of our abilities. We hope you have a lot of fun with this project, and really stretch your creative ability!

Now, ready, set, GO!

Our grand master list of all of the wonderful OC's, and who they were claimed by is right here!

PS: If you do not feel that you have the time to do this project (and really, it's a lot of work, so it's fine if you don't), then still feel free to watch the community, and cheer on the people who are participating. Positive reinforcement is always nice ♥.